Saturday, November 27, 2010

A New Adventure?!?!

I am 32 years old.  I believe that I am an artistic, creative person that has spent my life stuck in an uninventive body.  Maybe it was due to lack of discipline, lack of direction, or lack of time - whatever it may be, I am setting out to change that. I am passionate about creativity and design but have always been discouraged by my lack there of.  I recently planned our wedding, and with a lot of hard work and concentrated time I think it turned out pretty fabulous.  The "Big Day" was the greatest day of my life!  Firstly of course because I married a wonderful man - but secondly seeing the result of what I (ME! plain jane) was able to pull together.  I felt proud.  I felt inspired!

So now, here, I am setting off on something new - something I have ALWAYS dreamed of doing.  I wish you could see the smile on my face just typing this... we get to design and build our new home!  As overwhelming as this is to me, and my lack there of, I still feel like a child on Christmas Eve! And where better than to feel like a child than the road you spent years skipping along, biking along, driving along and now creating along - the Old Road is the New Road.  The Old Road I spent my first 18 years on is the site of our New Home.... our New Adventure.....


  1. Hi and welcome to the blogging world. Thanks for coming by my place and following, I am your first follower, woo hoo!

  2. How exciting!!! I can remember exactly how
    exciting it is.

    Good luck with your new plans and welcome to blogland!!